About AV Pioneers

Audiovisual & Staging Pioneers is a series of articles documenting the history of the corporate event business. We begin the journey in the 1890s and will continue forward to the present day. We aim to inspire future entrepreneurs to learn leadership lessons from the great pioneers of our industry.

AV Pioneers endeavors to set an example for others to follow by hiring good workers, supporting and inspiring employees to do their best, managing a crisis with limited personnel and resources, creating order out of chaos, or leading by example with optimism, humor, strength, ingenuity, intelligence and compassion.

Our deepest indebtedness in connection with this work is to the circle of AV friends, each of them a rare man in his knowledge and ability to overcome many obstacles in order to build a successful staging business.  Most of these operations began with little more than dreams, hard work,  and a love for show business. 

We are beholden to: Ed Goodman (AVW), Toby Payne (Stage Sound), Doug Hunt (AVHQ), Randy Will (Staging Techniques), John Doyle (Sound & Stagecraft), Stephen Goot (TAVS), Monroe Jost (J&S), David Dister (Maritz), Chris Korody (Image Stream), Gerry Small (Swank), and many others.

Further debt is owed to Lloyd Kaplowitz who made the rapid growth of Staging Pioneers possible by recruiting many quality members.

You may find our group on LinkedIn.

“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see ”
                                                         – Winston Churchill (1874-1965).