by Nicholas Voss

Do you sometimes feel like your AV business is not growing fast enough?  Why are others winning larger events and you’re stuck with tiny projects?

Young entrepreneurs should not lose heart. 

In this episode Jack Root, founder of Audio Visual Headquarters (once the country’s largest staging company and after whom most existing national AV companies are modeled), jokes about his meager beginnings. Building AVHQ took many years, long hours, and hard work.

Jack’s business did not grow overnight.    First he needed quality people to establish a reputation and then he had to convince the all-powerful Eastman Kodak Company that he was a serious player.

And if you’re still delivering equipment in your car, well … you’re following in the footsteps of the greatest AV pioneer that ever was.

Click on the icon to hear the 2-minute interview:


Jack Root passed away in November 2011.  RIP.


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