by Nicholas Voss

Michael Carbenia – TAVS

Joe Connell – Owner of Big Picture Company, an early pioneer of videowalls

Shaun Rodgers – AVW-Las Vegas and Swank Audio Visuals (Las Vegas)

Joe Capasso  – Southern Audo Visual, KVL, PSAV, and Bauer (New York)

Art Milanese – AVL

 Jim Clarke – AVL

Kevin Byles – Kevin Byles Design

 Bob Holmer – Programmer (Jim St Andrea)

Tom Lavelle – Art Director (Maritz)

 Garrett Nash – TD (Maritz)

 Ben Peros – Art Director (Image Stream and a host of other wonderful AV co’s.)

 Mike Ahearn – Local 110 (Chicago) and owner of Show Services labor company (Phoenix)

 Skip Palmer – Staging Techniques

 Peter Clarke – Staging Techniques (Hollywood)

 Cliff Heilman – Staging Techniques (Hollywood)

Michael Murray – Founder and President of Technical AudioVisual Services in Los Angeles

Pete Lewis – Staging Techniques/A&M Audio/2 Guys

Glenn Wilhelm – CEO of Mobile Wall One

Mitch Hodge – AVA/Stage Sound, AVHQ, Creative Technologies (Phoenix, AZ)

Bill Lyons, CBS Records (Sedona, AZ)

Ken Santeler – Hospitality Resources, PSAV (Lake Geneva, WI)